Venture inside the mind of a Greek god.


A Novel of Classical Mythology

by N.F. Houck

Critical acclaim for Herald!

"Adventure, sex, power, drama, and the whole gamut of human emotions - has Hollywood ever fully exploited the richness of Greek mythology? N.F. Houck, a nonfiction book editor and a lover of classical myth, has done so with Herald, an entertaining and instructive fictional autobiography, the first of a planned trilogy. Houck's narrator is the Olympian god Hermes, who most recall as almighty Zeus's bastard son and messenger ... By showing a sometimes flawed and suffering being who must discover his place in his world, Houck pulls in and holds readers."
- Joe Taylor, ForeWord Clarion Reviews

"Houck has strung together and cleaned up a host of often contradictory myths to deliver a sharp, rollicking tale of the life and times of Hermes ... Greek myths can be confusing to the uninitiated, but Houck does a wonderful job of making them accessible, retelling them in Hermes's own humorous and mischievous voice. Hermes is an engaging narrator, and while his humor colors most of the book, an occasional episode reminds readers of his mercurial nature ... If it is the underlying humanity of the Greek myths that has caused them to resonate so well over thousands of years, then surely Herald will attain its own immortality."
- BookWire Review

"Houck tackles epic structural challenges [[of Greek mythology]] head on in this accessible prose narrative of Hermes, messenger of the gods ... Houck brings Hermes' raft of personal traits and supernatural talents to the fore, making him at once exceptionally human-like and divine ... The author doesn't hesitate to take liberties with various storylines and genealogies to drive home, at times, heavy-handed themes of requited love and forgiveness, but in the end produces a mythic story that coheres. Three parts autobiography, two parts Greek primer and an engaging read ..."
- Kirkus Discoveries

"[Herald] contains a lot of action and adventure that will keep you well entertained. I enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Greek mythology."
- Rashonda Banks, WheelMan Press Book Reviews

Book Description

Herald is the story of Hermes, divine messenger of classical mythology and bastard son of mighty Zeus, ruler of the Olympian gods. Born secretly in an ancient mountain cave and possessing abilities that make the young god a friend to both the living and the dead, Hermes becomes a valuable aid in Zeusí efforts to bring the final Olympians to power. Told from Hermesí unique perspective are many beloved tales from ancient Greece, including those of Orpheus, Persephone, and Perseus, interwoven with Hermesí own attempts to forge a place for himself among mortal and immortal beings. Herald pulls the reader into ancient Greece and into the mind of a legendary mythological figure as he struggles with power, death, and the carnal treachery of a goddess. Herald is the first volume of a planned trilogy based on classical mythology.

A graduate of the Indiana University School of Journalism and a lifelong student of classical mythology, N.F. Houck is a nonfiction book editor who has edited and written copy for over a hundred books, covering such diverse topics as parliamentary procedure, dog training, astrology, and computer operating systems.

Herald by N.F. Houck

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